Perspex mirror sheet 600mm x 1200mm x 3mm excellent reflection ideal for gym’s

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A sheet of 3mm thick silver mirror acrylic perspex size is 600mm x 1200mm x 3mm thick.

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Ideal as a replacement for regular glass mirror as this material is 10 times stronger than glass, and if broken does not leave loads of dangerous pieces. Being acrylic this is also a lot lighter than glass and because of the clarity of the acrylic sheet many even think that the reflection is better and clearer than glass mirror

These sheets are supplied with a durable grey backing and can be mounted to walls or ceiling by either drilling holes applying VHB tape. You must ensure the surface that you are applying these to is perfectly flat otherwise the image will be distorted. Please note plasterboard is not flat when mounting it is advised to mount onto 3/4″ plywood as this should be flat

Note the mirrors in the photo are larger than these ones the image is for illustration purpose only

Please note that if the wall or ceiling that these are being applied to is not totally flat it may be best to fit these boards to a flat sheet of MDF or similar as the sheets are flexible

Mirrored acrylic is a reflective film applied to a substrate.  When the substrate is affixed to another surface, both of these materials will in time conform to the irregularities of the supporting surface.  A non-smooth, non-planar surface will cause localised bending of the mirrored sheet and distortion in the reflected image. For best results, mirrored sheets should be mounted to a smooth, rigid, sturdy flat backing such as 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood.  The surface should be coated with a high quality paint or sealant to cover pockets and seal out moisture.  The entire surface should then be covered with a mastic or another type of pressure sensitive adhesive. Solvent cementing of a mirror sheet with a hard-coated surface is not readily accomplishable due to the chemical resistance of the coating. Another option is to drill oversized holes in the mirrored acrylic and hold it to the wall using screw fasteners.  Do not over tighten the screw fasteners.  Over tightening will cause dimpling and distortion. Visual distortion is a function of viewing distance and material thickness.  A thicker piece of material will be less flexible and therefore maintain better optical integrity.  Correct installation and sufficient material thickness can reduce visual distortion but may not completely eliminate it. Ceiling and overhead installations are not recommended unless the mirrored acrylic is mounted in edge-engaging frames such as t-bar suspended ceiling frames or mechanical mounting. Some adhesives may contain solvents such as toulene, ketones and hexane that can attack the backcoat.  Adhesives with solvents of 5% or more are not recommended.  Since numerous adhesives, cements and mastics are available, they should be tested on expendable pieces prior to the application.  All tests should be applied at least 72 hours in advance to determine compatibility to the backcoat, the reflective coating and the acrylic itself.

Please note that when these sheets are delivered they will have a protective film covering the face so the mirror will appear hazy but once the film has been removed the true quality will be revealed

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