Replacement Perspex® Acrylic shed window

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Looking to replace a broken shed window? Replacing it with a clear Perspex® acrylic sheet is much safer and cheaper than glass.

Perspex® Acrylic is strong and durable, impact resistant, lighter in weight, won’t shatter as easily as glass, making it the safer option in your garden, especially around children and pets.

We have two standard sizes of Perspex® Acrylic shed windows, 610mm x 610mm (2ft x 2ft) & 610mm x 457mm (2ft x 1.49934ft)

With excellent levels of transparency and high impact strength, Perspex® acrylic is an excellent alternative to glass windows.

Where else can you use a replacement Perspex® Acrylic shed window?

Acrylic window replacement is perfect for shed windows, summer house windows, log cabin windows, summer houses & wendy house windows, out house windows and garden office windows.

Will my Perspex® Acrylic shed window yellow over time?

Perspex® acrylic has a very high light transmission of 92% meaning, your acrylic will stay weather and UV resistance.

Order clear acrylic Perspex® sheet pre cut to replace your windows.

Need a replacement Perspex® acrylic shed window cut to size? Contact us

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