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Coloured Perspex Sheet

Acrylic Sheet | Perspex sheet

With over 35+ years’ experience, Wholesale POS Limited are pleased to offer our wide range of Sheet Products which include Acrylic (Perspex®) Sheet, Polycarbonate, Aluminium Composite (Dibond®/Alupanel®) Sheet, PVC Foam (Foamex®) Board, PET-G Sheet and many other Plastic Materials. Our materials are commonly used in applications ranging from Printing/Sign Making to Lighting Diffusers, Replacement Shed Windows, Greenhouse Glazing, Splashbacks, Furniture Protection, Picture Frame Glazing, Boat Windows, as well as many other common day applications. Use the links below to find out more about our complete range of products and prices. You will also find complete listings for product colour variants, sheet sizes and thickness available from stock. All technical data and information can be provided upon request. Delivering to the UK via recognised couriers – Express Delivery is offered should this be required.


We offer a range of different standard sheet sizes from stock, as well as offering a Cut-to-Size service for any custom sizes required, including bespoke shapes. Contact our sales department today to receive your Free, Competitive quotation.

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Black/White Cast Acrylic Block

Black/White Cast Acrylic Perspex® Blocks - Cut to Size - are available in both Deep Black and Brilliant White, both...

Clear Extruded Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Clear Extruded Acrylic Sheet has an exceptional light transmission, far superior to other thermoplastic sheeting, with...

Black/White Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Black/White Extruded Acrylic Perspex® Sheet is a high quality, economical acrylic sheet, which has a better thickness...

Coloured Tinted Cast Acrylic Sheet

Coloured Tinted Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet allows light to pass through a transparent colour undistorted enabling us...

Bronze / Grey Tinted Cast Acrylic Sheet

Bronze /Grey Tinted Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet – allowing light to pass through a transparent colour undistorted...

Clear Cast Acrylic Block (Perspex®)

Clear Cast Acrylic Perspex® Blocks – Cut to Size – have an exceptional light transmission in excess of 92% of visible...

Anti Glare Extruded Acrylic (Perspex®)

Anti-Glare with a fine, matt texture on both sides. This surface finish is primarily to help avoid glare by reducing...

Prismatic Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Prismatic extruded acrylic is commonly used in lighting applications. The prismatic surface is one of the most...

Fluorescent Coloured Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet sports a vivid, fluorescent edge which appears to glow under ambient lighting...

Metallic Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Metallic Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet is a solid Perspex with a gloss finish on one side, and a matte finish on the...

Opal 050 Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Opal Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet comes in a wide range of white tones, where a white colour palette is required. The...

Black/White Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Black/White Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet is a premium Cast Acrylic sheet available in both Deep Black and Brilliant...

Frosted Glass 'Look' Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Frosted Glass-Look Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet, also referred to as Glacier Green, has a matte finish on both sides...

Frosted Coloured Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Frosted Coloured Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet has a double-sided matte surface which gives an effect similar to that of...

Coloured Cast Acrylic Sheet (Perspex®)

Coloured Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheet is available in a variety of different colours, textures and finishes. While no...

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