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Why Should I Opt For Foamex Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets?

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC is also available in sheets that are further used for various applications. Foamex PVC sheet is popularly used in the printing and designing industry.

This article will help you understand the usages and benefits of Foamex PVC sheet. The information given here will help you understand why the Foamex PVC sheet is ideal for all types of PVC applications.

Foamex Polyvinyl Chloride

Foamex PVC is a type of plastic made of expanded PVC. It is particularly suited to direct printing, easy to cut to shape and light, yet durable. It is waterproof and can therefore be used outdoors. Foamex PVC is highly durable and lightweight with a high load-bearing capacity.

Manufacturing of Foamex PVC Sheet

Foamex PVC sheet is manufactured with polyvinyl chloride and polyuria. Featuring flat boards, it is ideally used for digital printing purposes. Foamex PVC sheets are crafted to provide sturdy adhesion, which increases the life of your product.

Applications of Foamex PVC Sheet

PVC sheets are generally used in the printing and designing industry. These sheets are used for various industrial applications to produce high-quality advertising boards, signage, and scale models.

Below are some popular applications of PVC sheets:

● Direct printed

● Signs

● For purchase display

● Photo wall art

● Information notice boards

● Advertising boards

● Screen printing

● Flat cut letters and numbers

● Museum display ad many more

If you're looking for any of the above applications, Foamex PVC would be the right choice for you.

Why Foamex PVC Sheet?

Are you wondering why you should opt for Foamex PVC? Well! We have listed below some features of these sheets. These features will be sufficient to give you an answer to your question!


Foamex PVC is light weighted. This is one of the reasons that people prefer Foamex PVC sheets compared to uPVC plastic sheets. This feature encourages people to use PVC sheets over the uPVC and other alternative materials.

Moisture resistant

The best feature of Foamex sheets is that they are moisture resistant. Whether you're using these outdoors or indoors, you do not have to worry about the heat, cold or adverse weather conditions.


The Foamex PVC sheet is perfect for all weather conditions. The sheet is strong enough to tolerate up to -10 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal sheet for both outdoor and indoor usages. However, make sure not to use this PVC at a temperature lesser than -10 degrees Celsius. Doing so can lead to adverse effects on the surface.

Best for every place

From indoor to outdoor, Foamex PVC sheets are helpful for every place. You can use these sheets in your offices, home, balconies, terrace, etc.

Easy fabrication

These sheets are flexible and used for cut-to-size sheeting requirements. These can be easily fabricated in whatever size and shape you want. These sheets are highly customizable.


If you're looking for a cost-effective option, Foamex PVC sheet would be perfect for you. It is highly affordable compared to other types of plastic sheeting options available in the market.

We hope these points were convincing enough to understand why you should opt for the Foamex PVC sheet. If you're looking for a long-lasting product at an affordable price, there can be nothing more durable than this. You can get the best Foamex PVC at Wholesale POS. Contact us for more range of our products!

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