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Why are Clear Acrylic Sheets more durable than glasses?

Acrylic is vastly used in different industries, manufacturing processes, architecture applications, and other purposes. The major reason behind this wide usage of acrylic sheet is its unbeatable features. The sheet offers high resistance, is light-weighted, offer strength, clarity, and weather resistance-like properties. Whether you are planning to build an office or any heavy machine, using a clear acrylic sheet is probably a wise decision.

Here we will help you know why clear acrylic sheets are more durable than glasses. We will also tell you the popular types of acrylic sheets; it will help you choose the best for you.

Why Acrylic Sheets?

The main reason to use clear acrylic sheets is the transparency and durability its offers. It has successfully replaced the glass and is widely used in producing signs, sales displays, roof windows, lenses, screens, and even business houses and retail shops. Acrylic is not only durable but also gives a beautiful, glossy, and precise finish.

Acrylic signs are highly versatile materials that can be used with Aluminium, coroplast, carved wood, fabric, magnetic, etc. They have a wide range of colors also that give a modern and clean look.

Acrylic can also be matched with LED lights and provides a colorful and elegant light transmittance, and this property can also conceal the spots of the material. Undoubtedly, acrylic sheets can change the whole atmosphere of your house or workplace by bringing some attractive colors.

Types of Acrylic sheets

Different types of acrylic sheets are given below:

White Acrylic sheets: It is the most common and widely used acrylic for outdoor signage and advertisements.
• Mirrored Acrylic sheets: Highly durable and robust acrylic sheets that have a resistant reflective surface.
• Light Diffusing Acrylic: The best part about it is that it can easily hide spots and luminance fluctuations by providing some lighting sources and less channel material.
• Solar Tinted Acrylic: This type of Acrylic sheet is proficient to give security from harmful UV rays of the sun.
• Non-Glare Acrylic:  Non-glare will give a matte finish and protects external sources.

What are the benefits of Clear Acrylic Sheets?

• Excellent optical clarity: Clarity and transparency are the best advantages you can ever get from transparent acrylic sheets in style.
• Property of Light diffusion: This property of the acrylic sheet is helpful to hide the spots. It also allows the manufacturer to install the LED light more closer to panels.
Protection from scratches: Acrylic sheets protect themselves from outer abrasions and lacerations, naturally.
Properties of anti-electric: It does not conduct electricity because the installation of LED may increase the risk of electric shocks.
The durability of Acrylic sheets: Finally, durability is the best part of acrylic sheets. Clear acrylic sheets are long-lasting and fit in the budget also.
• Protection from UV rays: The UV rays of the atmosphere may destroy the Acrylic sheets. So, it has natural protection from atmospheric UV rays.
• Non- glare properties: The non-glare property of acrylic sheets can reflect any light passing from any luminous object.

We hope that now you have understood why more people prefer acrylic sheets than glass.

At Wholesale POS limited, you will get qualified acrylic sheets that are impressive, highly durable, and customized sheets for you. Clear acrylic sheets are the best option for signboards due to their multiple benefits for different purposes. You can buy the best quality acrylic with Wholesale POS.

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