Acrylic Tube

Clear acrylic tubes

Clear acrylic tube is a great alternative to glass, it is rigid enough to support weight from a display and is cheaper than glass. Clear acrylic tube has 93% light transmission and is also food safe. Clear acrylic tube also makes for great window displays.

Frosted acrylic tubes

Frosted acrylic and opaque acrylic are light weight tubes, perfect for displays giving a perfect frosted effect.  Frosted acrylic diffused light spread and offers a cool glow when illuminated. Frosted acrylic is impact resistant, with an elegant surface.

Tinted acrylic tubes

Tinted acrylic tubes can be used for any reason, light defusing, fun displays, furniture, water or aquatic designs and various art projects. Like all acrylic tubes, tinted acrylic tubes are impact resistant, durable and come in a range of bright colours.

 Fluorescent acrylic tubes

You may only be able to think of a few reasons why you might need fluorescent acrylic tube in your life, but to any creative person, it’s like opening a pot of new crayons. These bright, vibrant, and quite frankly fun Fluorescent acrylic tubes are perfect for point of sale, displays, design projects, DIY or any arts and crafts.